5Rhythms Testimonials

The 5 rhythms experience was to me a definitive moment of arriving. Evangelos is the perfect teacher to take you on that ride; a safe and guiding friend who invites you to trust your exploration of exposed and hidden masks in his unjudgemental and compassionate presence. For me, the workshop was three transcending days, wave after wave of sound and movement, pure moments of fear and joy in recognition of the authentic self, and one glorious nano-instant of stripping down to no time no space, where there was no separation between the inner and outer me, and awareness held no consciousness, no self.now that this is what I need, want to pursue. This is a process that takesthe student for the ride of his or her life. The student can decide whether to trust and dive right in, or just touch upon the edges of the shadow. How far, how deep do you want to go on this transforming journey?exactly where I needed to be without having to understand why. I know

By Sunday evening I felt that I was now really ready to go further (what a gift!)

Thank you Evangelos!

I would encourage any student to commit to the whole experience, however busy they might feel.

Janice,  Ottawa, Canada, Graphic Designer/Photographer


Your workshop was soooo beneficial; pleasant yet intense!

And it has made me realize that that’s the way I like doing things: pleasantly and with intensity.

I walked into the workshop with no expectations other than to dance to the music. Little did I know that I would discover that my body holds such vital information to the healing process that I have chosen to work, as I walk on the Path that I have also chosen to follow. Awareness is key. And so is creating space. As a long-time drummer-percussionist, I have reconnected with the rhythm of music in a new and more profound way, through movement. I thank you for your time, energy and knowledge. I look forward to meeting again – as I know it will happen in a not-so-distant future.

Peace be with you. Movin’ on!

Joël Delaquis,  Hull, Quebec, Civil Servant

I work with professionals and organizations developing their negotiation mastery and leadership strength. The area for most growth for my clients is to connect with all their wisdom (not only their cognitive logic). 5 Rhythms allows me and my clients to connect with our bodies, our emotions and our creativity. Evangelos is excellent in the way he invites us to do just what is called for. Creative and free movement opens us to who we are (and may have forgotten).

With love,

David B. Savage,  Calgary, Alberta, Business Leader, Negotiator,  CEO of Savage Management 


Who would have thought that a 5 Rhythms weekend workshop can have a noticeable psychologically healing effect? It is, when led by Evangelos Diavolitsis! His workshop was well-planned, with the first evening easing me into movement, the first full day connecting me with difficult aspects of my psyche which I safely faced through movement, and culminating with the second full day of workshop when I got to move and express the freedom that I had aspired to live. Evangelos’ wisdom has led us, participants, through solo and relational movement, self inquiry and reflection which brought inspiration, insight and psycho-somatic change. As a practicing Buddhist I resonated with his teaching, which is informed by Buddhist thought and practice.

Tana Saler, Ottawa, Ontario, Reiki Master & Embodied Relationship Coach


Evangelos’ sessions are always grounding and the wide spectrum of movement he covers allows me to experience the full sensation of my own authenticity, discover renewed energies, and center my busy mind.  True food for the soul!!
Thank you for being a part of my community.

Sunflower Joe

Evangelos has been co-facilitator in one of my workshops, incorporating the 5 Rhythms work.  I would describe him as open, honest, playful, articulate and blessed with penetrating insight.  The workshop we did together – Ego in Relationship – took on a deeper level of insight for the participants because of his work as well as a real grounding of these insights because of the physical aspect of the 5 Rhythms.  I would recommend him to anyone who is curious to explore deeper levels of their “self” and I am hoping to work together with him in future workshops again.
Frans Baars,  Canmore, Alberta
Integral Awareness Facilitator

I danced in your Ottawa workshop recently and felt “an opening” on so many levels for days, even weeks afterwards.I felt that reconnecting with my body helped me to resolve some pretty tough decisions that I had to make. A new clarity was found after “listening” to my body’s wisdom. It felt as if all my assumptions had been washed away and I no longer was looking through a dirty window but a crystal clear one!
I became intensely aware of movement and rhythm everywhere around me, in particular the trees seemed to be dancing all the time, hence a series of paintings emerged that week which I called the Dancing Trees of St Henri.
Thank-you for the inspirational guidance that you provided throughout the workshop! An intense body experience that awoke dormant intuition and chased away self doubt.
Warm Regards,
Holly Friesen,   Montreal / Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Come to 5Rhythms with Evangelos!  The workshops are rich, encouraging us
to express through movement mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of
our everyday lives.  It’s fun, and it’s deep.  Evangelos is clear but
light in his stewardship of the event.  We are free to do, or not do,
as the spirit moves us.  I like the people Evangelos attracts, and the
community he builds here in Ottawa.  I wish he lived closer!
Ian D. Allen,  Ottawa, Canada, Computer Scientist

What I notice most about your workshops is the loving and compassionate way that you hold the space and take care of us so that we are free to explore the emotions surging forth. A safe place where we can dare to let ourselves really be seen is a rare and precious thing. To be seen is something I think we all crave. Also, your responsiveness to what evolves over the weekend is evident and again demonstrates your loving involvement. Thank you for helping me to be more and more centred in myself and confident to follow the intuitive voice that continues to emerge.

Paula Gray,  Ottawa, Canada, Artist


Instead of feeling tired and stiff from “so much” movement, the 5 rhythms weekend created the opposite for me…many parts of my body that can typically be sore & tension-strained like my neck, shoulders, low back,  eased out in one continual, lengthening, paced stretch.  I am so encouraged about staying limber! Evangelos facilitated with a wonderful economy of words…allowing the emphasis to  sit with sustained exploring and noticing. Great music & timing. I loved it! Lesley Graham, visual artist, 54.

Lesley Graham,  East Kootenays, British Columbia


My gratitude to Evangelos for facilitating a profound experience around ABUNDANCE.
Throughout the weekend I came to see (to my surprise) how particular trauma’s in my life were related to monetary abundance, or the perceived lack of it. The Dance allowed me to shake out the tensions from those experiences, by the end of the weekend I felt cleansed, like I had shaken out all past, and all future tensions.  I felt wonderful and as a result have re-committed myself to this practice of moving meditation, sweating my prayers.
Thank You

Dee Holden, East Kootenays, British Columbia, Wellness Practitioner


My body enjoys spending the time moving because my life generally involves long hours working on a computer, sitting at a desk.  My time is also spent interacting with people so, being an introvert by nature, I hesitated to register up for a weekend workshop with a group of people and I worried about getting enough “me” time.   I found I was able to be in the group and take time for myself by going inward to become aware of what I needed.

At the end of the weekend I went home feeling physically tired, and shed some tears.  Not because I was unhappy but more like a deep emotional release was occurring.  A great example of a a depth release that was supported by the weekend’s activities.

Maureen Smith, East Kootenays, British Columbia, Social Worker


My refreshed and envigourated body/mind is a constant reminder of a wonderful experience – the 5Rhythms workshop that Evangelos led so skillfully 2 weeks ago.   Not only did every muscle, joint,  tendon & ligament delight in going  through its full range of motion but the imagination got stimulated in totally new ways.    Evangelos created a fluctuating matrix of sound and suggestion that opened the mind to a whole range of possibilities of using energy effectively.

Martin Blackwell, Vancouver, British Columbia, Painter, Business Owner


My experience of the 5 rhythms workshop is one that was filled with adventure, fun, awareness, growth and passion. Thank you Evangelos for facilitating a workshop where we could all come to together to learn about ourselves.  I’ve consciously made changes on how I let wealth flow in and out of my life through the value I add to people’s lives and the value that is added to mine. Thank you thank you thank you!

Kathy Le-Nguyen, Calgary, Alberta, Engineer