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Quest – A 5Rhythms Movement Workshop with Evangelos & Gigi in Ubud Bali

July 2 - July 7

Are you called to Quest?

Vision Quest is a powerful, ancient ceremony of homecoming. In Vision Quest we strip back our stories to discover our essence, the unique place where we can bring our gifts into the world, to live our purpose with passion and power.

In this 6 day workshop we explore Vision Quest dynamically, bringing two powerful modalities of transformation into one beautiful journey, in a stunning location in Bali.

The 5Rhythms® Waves map gives us new tools to move through the elements of Quest; instead of sitting solo in the wild places for four days and nights, we dance through our Quest with moving Awareness, following the wisdom of our own swaying, whirling, stomping, unfurling bodies. We dance what is true as we connect with the seeds of our Vision, follow the paw prints of our purpose, and then explore our stories, projections and places of stuckness, dancing everything that comes up as an obstacle to that Vision, before finally landing in a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here.

Bodies want to move, and they know exactly what to do if we get out of the way. Psyches yearn to be whole, and will show us the places where we need to pay attention. The human organism moves toward unity and oneness like an air bubble moves to the surface or a flower turns to the light, so that your essence reveals itself in every shape your body makes, and freedom is a felt sense, a known force, a homecoming.

We will be exploring Vision Quest through the 5Rhythms® Waves map at Being Sattvaa, a stunning retreat centre 10 minutes outside Ubud, well away from the traffic and hectic vibes, in a serene area in the rice paddies. All your needs are taken care of in comfort and style, so you can relax into your inner journey. There is a gorgeous spa for optional massages and other yummy treatments if you want that extra support in between dance times as well.

This is a movement meditation retreat, and we will be moving about 6 hours a day. But don’t worry if you don’t feel fit or have no experience, you take it at your own pace, and this workshop is suitable for all ages. Moving doesn’t mean flat out, it just means moving something. Sometimes that might just be your fingertips! If this is your first time, you will probably be surprised at how much you can move in this way.

If you are called to Quest, if you are a dancer of Life, if you yearn to find your true voice, the place to bring your unique gifts into the world, we look forward to dancing with you, in this incredible retreat centre on the Island of the Gods; Bali. Please get in touch with any questions; we’d love to help in any way to ease your journey to this magnificent island. Email Gina on or click on the website link for pricing and booking details.

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